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      NCSSA Annual Meeting will begin in Awhile

Recent News The home page for NCSSA will continue to be For the next day or so, that will take you to the 2010 page. On Saturday during the annual meeting it will start taking you to the 2011 page. You do not need to adjust your browsers; just continue to enjoy and be informed. Flyers for 2011 are already starting to appear. Have a great finish to 2010 and throughout 2011 and beyond.

♦ The 2011 Home Page is available. It already has one flyer up as well as information for managers and tournament directors under "NCSSA Items" / "Forms"

Agenda for annual meeting and tentative master schedule for 2011 are available.

The 2011 tournament schedule is final. However, there may be changes to an individual tournament. Be sure to contact the tournament director for tournament confirmation. Watch for the tournament flyer when posted on this website. Your NCSSA Board has sanctioned these tournaments early, so teams can better plan their schedules. It is still the obligation of the team manager to check on the tournament details.

♦ Followers of this web site realize that its touch and feel often changes from year to year. 2011 will see such a change. The main reason for change is to keep the webmaster fresh rather than continuing doing the same old thing over and over.

Hopefully, changes are for the better and more information is presented in an easy to access fashion. For 2011 the goal is to keep the user on a single page much of the time. This will cut down on reloading of pages and should make response time faster than ever.

A preview of 2011 has been created by rendering the 2010 data in the new format. This can be seen here.

Send any questions or comments to webmaster.

♦ Got a note from Dave Gray, left fielder of the Gamblers about an incredible web page:

There is a new baseball lovers' website/continuing project aimed at capturing the story of amateur and semi-pro baseball teams in Northern California in the decades prior to million dollar contracts.

The creator, John Ward, was a team manager and tournament director in the '60s and has put in a heroic effort in contacting players or their relatives gathering team photos, rosters, articles, films, etc of sandlot teams from hundreds of California towns and cities.

Among the player names you will spot are many with major or minor league experience including some of our own (NCSSA) such as Don Farber Seals, Emory Philips Sac Rebels and others like Harry Benzie Seals, Bob Gianni Gamblers, Don Novach Dragons or relatives such as Al Bowen Renegades whose father was picked up by the Oakland Oaks under the fictitious name of Lee Gum Hong.

The site again is and the very receptive creator is John Ward who can be contacted by phone at 650-342-0683 , 650-342-0977 (fax),

♦ Final rankings of the year posted.

♦ 2010 minutes posted including October meeting.