Posted May 20

Webmaster Celebration Family
Many family members and friends joined the webmaster in Elk Grove over the weekend (May 19, 20) to watch him play. Pictured above left to right:

Tony (Renee's cousin), Renee Russo (Zak's fiancée) Liz Strand (sister), Zak Arbore (nephew), Joyce Strand (wife of nearly 42 years), Bob Strand (webmaster), Dave Strand (son), Laura Strand (daughter), Derek Frankforth (friend - many of you have attended parties I gave in St George at his house), Teresa Wu (Dave's fiancée)

They were gathered here as I was told on Wednesday (May 16) that I have pancreatic cancer that has metastasised to my liver. I see another doctor on Thursday (May 24) to start the process of determining how many minutes I have left to live. I do not expect a very high number. Prognosis: the web page will be severely affected.

Posted May 26

As a softball player and computer progrmmer for over 44 years, numbers have always stood out for me - especially some of those below.
When you have blood tests and whatever, they often show you the range that you should be in. Below are 3 key liver functions. When the doctor saw these, his job of diagnosis got suddenly easier.
Component Low of Range High of Range Mine
AST 0 37 224
ALT 15 65 146
Alkaline Phosphate 26 137 596

Posted May 26

Met with oncologist at Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) on May 24. I started this process with them as I have seen the same primary care physician for almost 40 years and we had not looked for a doctor in San Diego.

He suggested doing at least one round of chemo as a start - Gemcitabine. I don't have any hair and this chemo doesn't take it anyway. PAMF has already transferred all my records to UCSD so I will start seeing them when I return home after Reno.

The main problem with this is that most of my liver has been taken over by tumors from the pancreas. If chemo takes care of some of those it will actually be taking away from the liver.

Basically, I was given an over / under of six months.

Posted June 12

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